Knowledgebase : Invoicing


1. Logon to your account at

2. Choose "my account" on your left side.

3. Add invoice address.


To update the currency please follow the below instructions:

1. Logon to your account at If you don’t have your login credentials please request a new password with the registered email address. Then an email containing a password link and your username will be sent to you.

2. Go to "My account" in the left menu.

3. Down to the left you see the invoice settings.

4. Change the currency by choosing the one of your choice in the box marked "currency".


The renewal of the domain is complete so you can’t cancel the domain for this period. The renewal has been carried out according to our general terms and agreements. The invoice has to be paid.

However, you can cancel the renewal for the next period so it will be cancelled and not renewed after the new expiration date.


Cancellation of domain names:

1. Logon to your account

2. Follow the instructions below:

  a. Choose domains at your left side.

  b. Choose the domain you wish to cancel, and slide the switch to cancel.

"Credits" is one of our services that we offer for auto renewals. If you have this kind of service connected to your account, you will be able to use this
deposit for auto renewals and receive a 5% discount.

In order to activate this service, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log on to your account.
2. Choose "my account"
3. On your right side, you will find "my wallet". Here you can buy credits.

1 credit equals 1 EURO and the minimum amount to add is 100. Credits bought with a credit card will be available within a few minutes. Please note that "credits" are not refundable.

There are several different payment options available. You can pay by credit card or receive an invoice for your services. A third option is our service "Credits", where you pay a fee to get credits that you later can use to pay for your services. You can either buy credits through your account, or by Invoice. Please note that "credits" are not refundable.

If you choose to pay for your Credits with an invoice they will be accessable on your account as soon as the invoice is paid. If you choose not to pay the invoice, we will delete the order when the invoice is due.

By logging into your account you are able to see your unpaid and your already paid invoices.

You are able to see the unpaid invoices on your dashboard. You can pay them with credit card here as well. Just press the PAY button. If you can't see any invoices in this view it means that you don’t have any unpaid invoices on this account.

For reference, you are able to see the already paid invoices under "Orders and Invoices" in the left menu.

To avoid the EU tax, you must enter a valid EU VAT number.

Please contact us at or +46.317202000 for assistance to add such number to your customer account.

Ports Group can register all top-level domains in the world. If you need help moving all of your domains to one provider, please contact us at or +46.317202000.

With the environment in mind and as part of our sustainability efforts, we send our invoices by e-mail. If you wish to have your invoice sent to you by postal mail, please contact our Customer Care.

When a domain is registered and the order is complete an invoice is created. If you register multiple domains at different times (weeks) you will receive multiple invoices.

The price for the domains is due to the recording means in most countries. The general top-level domains such as .com, net, .org, .info and .biz charge different fees.