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Dear customer,


The new domain name legislation requires that as from September 2016,

each fi-domain name is maintained by a registrar. After the

legislative amendment, only registrars can renew domain names and

update related information.


We would like to make you aware of the information and make sure that your .fi domain is registered with the requested registrar.

Ports Group would like to help you with the practical details such as help you to place an registrar transfer order with us.

Please contact us at


Yes we do.

It’s an upgraded version of Ipv4. Because the old version for IP-addresses (IPv4) ran out of combinations they had to create a new version that will provide new IP addresses.

Then they created IPv6. The IPv6 addresses are 128 bits long compared to IPv4 with 32 bits. This will be unlimited for a long time to come.


An authorized signatory or CEO from the company which owns the account will need to fill in and sign a document sent by us.

If the account is owned by a private person then that person has to sign.

In order to request this document, you will have to send an email to


Owners from both accounts need to send an e-mail to requesting for the domain(s) to be moved.


Here are three common mistakes when the logon fails. Please see if they help you.

- If you have tried to logon using your email address, please login with the username that you have received in the password reset email.

- Please try changing browser (for example, from chrome to explorer) so the old information isn't stuck in the memory.

- Customers that has an agent that is administrating their domain names doesn't have an account. All questions and updates should be sent to the agent.

If it still doesn't work please contact


In order to carry through name server changes on your domain, please follow the instructions below:


2. Logon with your username and password. If you don't know your login information, please click on forgotten your password. This will be sent to the registered e-mailaddress. Follow the instructions given in your e-mail.

3. On the left side you can choose domains

4. Click on the domain name

5. Click on name server change

6. Choose the wanted name servers or write the wanted name server by clicking on "CUSTOM"

7. Choose next

8. As soon as the order has been placed, one of our managers will handle your order.


In order to request an auth-code / EPP code, please follow the instructions below:





If you don't know your login information, please click on forgotten your password. A reset link will be sent to the registered e-mailaddress.


When you have your login information, proceed according to below:

1. On your left side, click on domains.

2. Choose the domain that you wish to generate the auth-code for.

3. Here you can generate an auth-code.

Ports Group is committed to control abuse involving domain names registered in our registrar. Ports Group therefore is maintaining an abuse channel monitored 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

All issues will be received and reviewed within 24 hours. If deemed necessary investigation will begin within 24 hours and status will be communicated ongoing to the submitter until the issue has been resolved.

Ports Group is fully committed to meet the needs of our customers. Sometimes we unfortunately fall short of this mission. If this happens it is important for us to take part of that feedback to improve our processes and services.


Step 1

Have you already voiced your concern through our standard support channel please proceed to step 2.

If not please send your concern to You will receive an automatic reply and an individual support ticket ID. You can expect a personal response within 24 local business hours. You can also call us at +46.317202000 or reach us via LIVE chat at


Step 2

If you have already contacted us, and we've not been able to resolve your issue to your satisfaction, the next step is to submit a Formal Complaint.

All complaints MUST be made in writing. This is to ensure we're able to properly address and investigate your concerns and provide a full response.

Complaints can be submitted by email to, alternatively you can submit your complaint in writing to:

Ports Group AB

Head of Operations

Kalkylvägen 3

435 33 Mölnlycke



What information you should include:

You should ensure you include as much information about the issue as possible, this might include:

  • Name of the staff member you spoke with on the phone or support tickets
  • Ticket reference IDs
  • Date & time when issues occured or when you called
  • Details about the problem, how it started, what you did and any other relevant details

 Providing as much information as possible helps us to quickly investigate and fully understand the situation, what happened, what/if anything went wrong and how we can then try to resolve your complaint.


What we will do:

Ports Group will review all complaints within 72 local business hours and provide an initial response while they investigate the issue.

We will then provide a full reply to the complaint within 10 working days.


Step 3:

If the response does not meet your satisfaction, you may request that the complaint be escalated to the CEO.

Our CEO will then assess your complaint and the steps taken so far by our staff; they will then provide a response within 15 working days of the complaint escalation.

All complaints are taken seriously and will be reviewed, investigated and responded to fairly and thoroughly. We understand that monitoring, and dealing with complaints promptly enables us to identify areas of weakness and we will then work to address these and continue to improve our service.

Ports Group takes pride in our customer care which is of outermost importance to us. Our customer care department is here to answer your questions during business hours 08:00–17:00 CET. We offer support by email at, phone at +46.317202000 and LIVE chat at

When sending an email to us you will receive an automatic reply notifying you of a safe receipt of your support ticket. This is accompanied by an individual support ticket ID that should be used in all further communication regarding the same errand with us for fastest possible service.

Following your automatic reply you can expect a personal response to your ticket within 24 local business hours.

Renewal date

The Renewal date indicates which day we will start renewing or cancelling your domain name depending on if the slide-button is set to renewor cancel.

The time frame between Renewal date and Expiry date may vary depending on the top level domain since all domain names do not follow the same renewal procedures.



The slide-button indicates if a specific domain name will be renewed or cancelled when it reaches the renewal date.

Means the domain name will be renewed at the renewal date.

Means cancellation of the domain name will be initiated at the renewal date.


Renew a domain name that is locked on Cancel

If a domain name is locked on Cancel we have already started the cancellation process. If you want to renew the domain name, please contact us as soon as possible at +46.317202000 or There is no guarantee that we can still renew the domain name.


Cancel a domain name that is locked on Renew

If a domain name is locked on renew we have already started the renewal process. The slide-button will be unlocked after the initiated renewal has been completed.


Renew a domain name for several years

Some domain names can be renewed for more than one year at a time. If we offer the possibility to renew a certain domain name for several years, you will get that option when clicking on a domain name in the view Domains and then choose Renew domain.



All cancellations are handled by moving the slide-button to cancel.

In order to reset your password, please follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. On the top right corner click the "Login/Register" button.

3. Then click the link below "Forgot your password?"

4. Enter your username or e-mailaddress and click the "Send" button.

5. Now a password reset link will be sent to you with instructions how to proceed.

If you don't renew a domain, it will eventually expire and become free for anyone to register. To prevent this from happening we offer "auto-renewal". This means that we always make sure to renew your domains in time.

In some cases it is possible to recover a domain name. Please visit the article ”My domain seems to be unavailable” for more information.

In cases where it is already too late and you lost your domain we can offer "snapbacks" on many TLDs. This means that we try to register your domain again as soon as it becomes available. 


You are able to update your details via your account on If you have any problems logging into your account, you are welcome to contact us at or +46.317202000.