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Renewal and cancellation of domains
Posted by Henrik Landén, Last modified by Kim Syvänen on 2016-10-06 | 15:17

Renewal date

The Renewal date indicates which day we will start renewing or cancelling your domain name depending on if the slide-button is set to renewor cancel.

The time frame between Renewal date and Expiry date may vary depending on the top level domain since all domain names do not follow the same renewal procedures.



The slide-button indicates if a specific domain name will be renewed or cancelled when it reaches the renewal date.

Means the domain name will be renewed at the renewal date.

Means cancellation of the domain name will be initiated at the renewal date.


Renew a domain name that is locked on Cancel

If a domain name is locked on Cancel we have already started the cancellation process. If you want to renew the domain name, please contact us as soon as possible at +46.317202000 or There is no guarantee that we can still renew the domain name.


Cancel a domain name that is locked on Renew

If a domain name is locked on renew we have already started the renewal process. The slide-button will be unlocked after the initiated renewal has been completed.


Renew a domain name for several years

Some domain names can be renewed for more than one year at a time. If we offer the possibility to renew a certain domain name for several years, you will get that option when clicking on a domain name in the view Domains and then choose Renew domain.



All cancellations are handled by moving the slide-button to cancel.

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